The tonality of the month is ReachUp — with a sound sample loop to start:

You may enjoy a tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation, for upliftment, focusing, or as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration.

Practical Use and Purpose

The purpose of Tonalibus is to provide an overview and reference of anchored tonalities and their inherent harmonic qualities for practical use — to touch, uplift, purify, and heal, as an expression of the inexpressible — to reach beyond duality.

Harmony, Tonalities, and Tonalibus

Harmony, for me, Ulrico, is how well something expresses the inexpressible and can touch and uplift the heart. Tonalities I see as sets of correlated vibrations. The results of my research in this context I call Tonalibus. The Tonalibus website presents some fundamental concepts of harmony and tonalities, an extensive catalogue of anchored tonalities, a collection of sounds, as well as the Spiritualibus blog and the Fidibus shop.

New Spiritualibus Blog Posts – Excerpts

Tonalibus A, B, & C — the album

The album Tonalibus A, B, & C (and three singles) now available online globally! On Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music/iTunes, and many more platforms. This album contains thirty-one pieces by Ulrico and spans two and a half hours of uplifting music. Further …

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July 2021 Tonalibus Update

This brief July 2021 Tonalibus update presents three new personal sound samples and one new cooperation sound sample. It highlights the global release of the new album “Tonalibus A, B, & C”. And there is a heartfelt closing note and image. …

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Album of sound

Album of sound
Tonalities on site
Compositions go
Out into the world
To see who’ll listen
Now available to all …

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