Practical Use and Purpose

The purpose of Tonalibus is to provide an overview and reference of anchored tonalities and their inherent harmonic qualities for practical use — to touch, uplift, purify, and heal, as an expression of the inexpressible — to reach beyond duality.

Harmony, Tonalities, and Tonalibus

Harmony, for me, Ulrico, is how well something expresses the inexpressible and can touch and uplift the heart. Tonalities I see as sets of correlated vibrations. The results of my research in this context I call Tonalibus. The Tonalibus website presents some fundamental concepts of harmony and tonalities, an extensive catalogue of anchored tonalities, a collection of sounds, as well as the Spiritualibus blog and the Fidibus shop.

New Spiritualibus Blog Posts – Excerpts

Posts often include new sound samples, spiritual poems, quotes, and photos.
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Tonality of the month: MixoBal or HexaNaMix

The tonality of the month of June 2023 is MixoBal or HexaNaMix, a hexatonality derivative of Mixolydian, HexaNaTriMix, or PentaNaMix. The prefix “Mixo” not only points to Mixolydian, it also underlines the mixture of progressive and regressive harmonic expansion. Strikingly, this appears in complete balance, building on the series of natural harmonics or overtones…

Time in such abundance

Time in such abundance
And still so scarce for many
In their outer existence here
Where things start and end
While in the very heart of all
There is a source of sound