The Right Time — Now

The flow, the force, God’s love — it makes the moment in all ways. And so, one does and is. All do and are. Responsibility to go along with what and where to make an effort. Do what one can. Together it becomes what all can and are, once all do what they can — be. Leadership and agreement opens up the way, along with accepting the charge, the blessings and challenges as they are, and as one is — all are.

In the flow, the force, God’s love in the very moment present, every moment, here and now. Harmonic pivots with things aligned as can be, prime and secondary anchors, realization shifts between planes and worlds in consciousness and action, exact tuning references, fundamental concepts depicted as possible, and many anchored tonalities with individual characteristics — all is earned and the price paid in the coin of love and effort, focus and freedom, nurtured as can be, chosen to vest in, evolving and unfolding, to finally be passed on at the right time — now.

Ch-d'A 2020-06x
Chaux-d’Abel — June 2020 — photo by Sabina Haas