Lesson of Being Human

Each has his or her disposition, their bright and their shadier sides. That’s being human.

A spiritual master mentioned once that all is well if one remembers that one is not always tuned in — and then a vehicle for the negative. Thus the question if one stating such applies it to others and to what extent to oneself? For it appears of little value, unless it’s applied first to oneself. After all, everyone starts with oneself, the so-called first person — I. When it comes to distributing benefits or goodies of some sorts, the I usually likes or wants to get a lion’s share if at all possible. And others may just get what’s left.

This can be a good indicator of balance in life and action, in attitude and expression — or the lack thereof.

One may dream or aim to become a master of sorts. But it appears that the only way to get there is to know one is not. Thus arises the old trap of the only way again — and the paradox of wanting to be what one is not, of not being who one is. Why not just be who one is? And let go of not being who one is not? Any way it appears too obvious!

This seems at the heart of the experience, the lesson of being human.