Happy Day!

Happy Day!
It's a new moment. 
It may seem more so than ever. 
For it just is. 
Being in life, in nature,
and also in love, 
has its risks. 

One may hold back, out of fear, 
or thrust forward as can be. 
Somewhere in between, 
each finds a range to camp 
or even to root in some. 
It's a tide pool, though. 
Sooner or later 
it will be flooded again 
to renew life. 
Thus it's preferable 
to remain flexible - 
not to get too rooted in anywhere. 
Also in spiritual paths and religion. 
But for simplicity, just in places. 
Even the best will eventually 
get worn down when crowded, 
when rules and regulations 
overtake common sense, 
when power and control 
dent love and freedom. 
Thus undulates consciousness 
in the tide pool of life, 
in the lower worlds. 

But one can go beyond duality 
into the planes of spirit - of soul. 
Yes, it's very possible, indeed. 
Here is love and freedom, 
consciousness and creation, 
divine light and sound. 
That's where the spark of life 
in everyone comes from, 
and where it returns - 
where soul is at home. 

There are many masters, 
as they may be called, 
who teach how to travel here, 
reside here in consciousness, 
here and now in action. 
But each individual does so 
in their very own way - 
live, love, and eventually 
go beyond duality 
including the dichotomy 
of student and teacher - 
sooner or later. 
This precludes either of the two 
from proclaiming their way 
of stepping ahead 
into divine consciousness 
as the only way of doing so. 
Even though, for each 
their way is their only way 
to get through in the moment 
and reach the divine 
that is present here and now. 

Your way is not my way; 
and my way is not yours. 
Each goes their own way. 
That is the way of life, 
of spirit, of love divine.