Past the Point of No Return

Going past the point of no return leaves but the option to keep going, on and on. A promise to be is not to give up, to stick with it no matter what. Thus, one may be excluded, ostracized, banned — it matters naught. One may be despised or revered — there is hardly a difference. One’s space is one’s own, always has been, and always will be.

Fascinating though is the overlap with others, what can be put out into the common space, what can be shared and passed along. This opens up the overwhelming wealth of what everyone puts out there, and the challenge of selecting what to explore.

What is worth its while, what uplifts and heals? Who gives more and takes less? What is in balance and in harmony? Who sees the glass half full, and who half empty? And who is happy to just have a glass?

Gratitude is best for all there is; and silence protects. But speaking up allows for sharing and exchanging insights and experiences, exploring together, and for one and all to step ahead in life and love and see how God realizes every moment.

Blausee — July 2020 — photo by Sabina Haas