The Whole — Not the Hole

Sometimes, sooner or later, a hole needs to be dealt with, plugged, or otherwise tended — if one aims to realize the whole, that is. A hole may be ignored. Chances are, it will become bigger then, and one could fall into. A big one may require help to get out, if stumbled into. There is help at hand — as much as needed, not more, nor less. Life and love are measured exactly, as seen by soul from beyond duality.

There is no good nor bad. That enables one to better sort out the good from the bad, the bad from the good. At the same time one may realize that the bad is in the good, and the good is in the bad, as long as it or one is in duality. Therefore it is a worthwhile goal to reach beyond duality, especially while living in it.

the whole - not the hole
Chnübeli — January 2019