Maybe Singing or Dancing

It's enough.
And still, there's always more.
Never too little.
And never too much.
Though few see it as such.
Most see not enough on one hand,
and too much on the other.
But really, there is a balance.
It's different in every moment anew.
It does not stay the same.
It flows - the flow.
It sounds - the sound.
It shines - the light.
It loves - the love.
Most hesitate before turning a corner.
Try to look ahead and see what's there.
Then take the plunge and see for real.
Or pull back and wonder what it could have been.
Obviously it's preferable to step ahead
and find out, explore, experience.
Thus, one can know for real.
And then, remain silent.
For there's nothing to debate.
It is what it is.
Someone who has not yet experienced it
can speculate and wonder what it could be.
But once experienced, there is no point
in further speculation;
nor does it bring much
for who still holds back 
from turning the corner,
except for encouragement
to step ahead and not retreat,
to explore further and find out
for oneself and all.
Not saying much,
but being,
maybe singing or dancing.