One pivot after another

One pivot of harmony after another. All in the present moment. Start small — in steps. Try something new. Not all at once. But steady. With focus and flexibility. It’s a celebration, a privilege to facilitate oneself in spiritual freedom. The purpose is fulfilled in the now. The rest is hardly that relevant. Creating is creation’s goal. Then, it is best left to be what it is. Move on with the flow, let go of what was. Enjoy the now for what it is. What else is there anyway?

Illusions abound. Smoke and mirrors make up much of human society, interaction, and politics — all sorts of relationships. Close ones, dear ones hold together. Goodwill and love carry the day, carry life in harmony. The more the better. But this physical world is characterized by duality and food chains. What do you eat? And what eats you? There is power in size. Big can stomp the small, unless it’s so small, it can get inside the big. Thus, very small has more strength than big. This we tend to overlook.

2016-11 Retz
Retz, the capital of Venus? — photo by Hans-Ruedi Widmer