Could it be that simple?

Who’s even interested? There is so much, such an abundance of expressions all over the place!

What’s worth saying, passing along? And who may ever be interested in it? In order to find out, one has to take the risk of offering something, put it out there for all to see. And still, as it goes with the human framework, it may be of highest quality, but if it did not strike a chord and get attention spreading, it may just wither away, unless one were on fire to the extent that it didn’t need any outside nurturing to exist, to come into and stay in existence.

Then the question arises, what becomes of it, where does it go, when one passes on. Will there be a legacy that survives? Will there be others who pick up the threads and reins? It does matter, and still it does not! Because the fulfillment of purpose is in the present moment, not in the future, nor in the past. Fulfillment is in the now. It all is in the present moment. Or else, there is nothing. This sounds quite absolute. Could it be that simple?

RegSem-2 8-16
Seven-string guitar (twelve minus five)