Stand Strong — individually and together!

Why hesitate?
Once something's done, 
it can't be undone.
Such is the nature of existence.

So what?
Go with the flow.
Or swim against the stream.
The currents carry all along.
Going against them 
brings just more or less delay.
But it may not change things.
Or does it?

Can a current be changed,
if enough swim against it?
It all starts with one.
Not that currents be reversed.
But maybe a little adjusted, 
a little more one way or another.
After all, the flow of consciousness is 
the compendium of everyone and everything.
Each individual's thrust makes a difference.
Yes, it does.

I aim to make my difference 
and relish the one you make.
Will it be for the better?
Each tries in his or her way.

In unity and harmony, 
with goodwill we help each other
and overcome the divisiveness 
that tries to pull us down.

Thus, stand strong - 
individually and together!