Welcome to Tonalibus!

Welcome to Tonalibus and, if you signed up for it, to the September 18, 2020 or first monthly Tonalibus newsletter that alerts you to most recent Spiritualibus blog posts.

Some encouraging, initial reactions to Tonalibus:

“This fits right in with my recent past few years search for spiritually compatible music.” — California

“Congratulations! I celebrate with you the wonderfully uplifting and poetic consciousness of this site. I even dreamed about it.” — Wisconsin

“This has been sheltered and protected all these many years. The time for its birth has arrived to see and hear a further expression and extension into the universe.” — Minnesota

“Your website is like lying under a starry sky and marveling at it in amazement.” — Bern

“May this adventure you just sent out in service to human kind, be successful in reaching whoever may need it for their next step in spiritual unfoldment.” — Ticino

“I intend to listen to more sound samples and choose what suits me best, so I can use it for relaxation and perhaps for contemplation.” — France

And from the recent first public mini-concert session: “No music has ever touched me like this. Sweet tears came to flow already with the first note. The sounds opened my ears.” — Basel

Welcome to Tonalibus! As humans, we want to understand. But some things are meant to just be enjoyed, not to be understood. Going beyond duality is such a thing, or spiritual freedom, and love. We have an innate sense for harmony and sound, each in his or her individual way. Therefore, what’s harmonious for me may not be so for you, and vice versa. Some of this we may understand — or not. Thus is our perception, our individual experience and consciousness. But there are patterns we can grasp as such. Tonalibus aims to express some of these. Your comments like the above confirm that it can work. Thank you for your encouragement. From heart to heart — Ulrico

it's been a long way
It’s been a long haul! — Thank you for everything.