Bias — our state of consciousness

Bias seems to be one of the most prevalent forces in humanity. We see things the way we want to. It’s like a spell, a curse or a blessing, depending on the situation. It can be like a form of hypnotism or even insanity. Then we need to balance in order to not get thrown by hits of reality, when reality gaps shift or cannot be held up any longer.

There is the truth of reality, and the illusion of human perception. This is the crux. Does one aim for truth, as relative as it may be; or does one play with perceptions and illusions without much concern about truth in a larger context than one’s own benefit — at the expense of others? Thus, a situation can clear up some. But many are blinded by charisma, by provocations, and by the duality in this world. We tend to see things slanted.

All the good in oneself, and all the bad in others? How could that be? Just as little as all the bad in oneself, and all the good in others. The balance point is both the good and the bad in oneself — and in all. How can one deal with that? Nurture the good and manage the negative, first and most of all in oneself! Actions speak clearly; while words so often try to paint things differently than they are. The relativity of views does color so many things. But there is a solid core, the truth of reality, action and reaction, fundamental laws of life and harmony. These can provide us anchors, not to get swept away by currents, winds, and storms.

Then at times we pull up anchors to explore new horizons and see who has the navigation skills to weather a storm without losing course. Whereto do we set our course? Towards truth or bias? How can we tell the difference, sort out the good and bad within ourselves? It’s not just black and white. There is a whole spectrum of colors. And everyone has their own individual taste and preferences. Where can we draw the line? For it appears at least at times that an anchor line is quite necessary. However, after all, we can see also this as a bias. It is our individual state of consciousness.

Bias -- our state of consciousness
L’Areuse — On the way home, to meet one more time… — June 2020