Light flickers

When the light flickers…

When the light flickers, is it bursts of light or bursts of darkness? If it’s light around, then it would have to be bursts of darkness. However, that’s not how it works. Flickering is made by bursts of light; and the apparent bursts of darkness are the result of an absence of light. Darkness lacks substance. It is the absence of light. In itself it is nothing. It is helpful to remember this fundamental distinction and principle. This goes beyond the mere surface of this phenomenon, well beyond just physical light. This extends as far as duality can reach, throughout this world and related planes of existence.

Dark and negative has no substance.

The negative, like darkness, has no substance. It is the absence of the positive — nothing in itself. Substance is the positive, which comes from beyond duality, from soul — the heart of being, the divine. This furnishes the solution to problems and the issues of this world. Turn on your light! And then there is no more darkness. As it is with light and darkness, the positive dissolves the negative.

Let your light shine bright!

Let your light shine bright into every nook and cranny of your world and being. Then, there won’t be any more places for things to hide. This dissolves illusion and is a realization of self towards the divine. In the light, all is visible and can be worked on, especially what one may be rather reluctant to have anyone see, and what one tries to keep in the dark. However, the ones who are shining lights could see it all along. Because for them there is no darkness and no hiding.

How far do you dare to go?

How far do you dare to go in becoming a light in this world? To what extent are you willing to let go of illusion, of apparent darkness, the absence of light? Light can illuminate it all. Your attention and consciousness is a beam of light that can reach into any corner of existence when allowed to be used as such. It takes effort and resolve. But it does work, as individual and collective experience proves every day and every moment — right now!

sunrise pix - Light flickers
Sunrise in Grächwil — January 2020 — photo by Sabina Haas