Are you with it?

Are you with it — or not? Make up your mind and heart. Either do it, or don’t. You are going nowhere if you are in between. And still, in this world we are in between, no matter what, unless in the very moment. Consciousness transcends duality in the now.

Many offer keys with more or less self-glorification. After all, some motivation has to come into the picture for the self to focus its vision. But then when seeing clearly, will the view still be compatible with the framework? Are you willing to compromise, dive into the currents, and sufficiently let go of apparent contradictions in an imperfect construct? This is a substantial lesson for all. Will I pass or fail, when neither is more than an illusion of duality?

Black and white views miss colors and much of what is present. Still they do convey a picture too, which is infinitely more than no picture at all. Thus it helps to remember that everyone sees different colors individually for themselves — in the now.

Are you with it? — Encounter of seasons — Chanhassen, MN — October 2020