Let’s celebrate!

Celebrate the way it is, 
That we are here now. 
Together so much can be. 
Let go of where we were, 
And what will be then. 
Tomorrow is another day. 
Now is the moment, 
Together we can share. 
How far can we go? 
Limits are to be broken, 
For freedom and love. 
Doors are to be opened, 
Flickers to be steadied. 
Nurture the light, 
And it will expand, 
Illuminate all around, 
Most of all the heart, 
Your heart and mine. 
That's what we have, 
And celebrate we are, 
Together in this moment, 
However close or far. 
Reach across the divide, 
For our hearts embrace. 
Sing a song of love, 
Happiness and joy. 
I missed you and love. 
Let's celebrate now! 
IMG_2520cv -- Let's celebrate
Rose with tiny ice crystals — Grächwil, Switzerland — November 2019