Consciousness, aware of being conscious. Listening to the inner voice. Hearing so much outer chatter. Pick a channel. Tune into what seems fitting and true. Reality is colored by one’s views — individually and collectively, by hopes and wishes. Unless detached and looked at straight.

Consciousness, aware of being conscious, coloring one’s views. Detachment, the effort to abstain from coloring, to see things for what they are. To be aware and conscious. Not just of things, but of existence, of the fabric of light and sound, of divine love carrying every day, all life, on every plane. Aware of the continuum, the harmony of existence, of every moment. Relishing glimpses into the depth of now, where it came from, where it will go, and most of all where it is.

Consciousness, aware of being conscious, being here now. Soul, ears and eyes, visions and sounds, love and — love. Consciousness.

IMG_3085 cxv - consciousness
Sun setting, going down to come up again another day — Eriz, Switzerland — June 2020