December 2020 Tonalibus Update

New Tonalibus, Spiritualibus, and Fidibus developments —

This December 2020 Tonalibus update highlights: The new glossary, winter sounds, the first few revamped tonality pages with additional sound samples, renewed Spiritualibus blog pages and post formats, Fidibus shop updates on individual sound mantra steps, mini-concert sessions, and Tonalibus exploration courses; and finally, the general Tonalibus image collection.

Tonalibus updates

Under About you now find a Glossary with short definitions in an alphabetic listing of basic and unique terms and names used by Tonalibus – for each languages of the site, in English, German, French, and Italian.

New under Sounds is the page Winter 2020/2021 with a growing collection of new personal sound samples that explore diverse possibilities and reflect the character of the time.

First examples of renewed individual tonality pages include Reachmix, Bluemix, and Hexablue. Each features a new calm, more contemlative or meditative sound sample to complement the other more rhythmic sound sample. These samples are also available as loop on adjunct pages, Reachmix sound loops, Bluemix sound loops, and Hexablue sound loops.    

Spiritualibus blog updates

The Spiritualibus blog page was revamped for clarity and to accommodate the growing number of posts. The category Omnibus marks relevant highlight posts. New secondary post pages offer listings of recent posts and separately of Tonalibus posts, Spiritualibus posts, and Fidibus posts. A mono- and quadri-lingual Spoken Word experiment you find in the poetic post “Dear God”.   

Fidibus shop updates

Tools for preparing an individual sound mantra (ISM) emerged in three steps and pages on the Tonalibus site. Individuals requesting an ISM will sequentially receive the required passwords to work these steps. Step-1 includes some basic questions to qualify a request for an ISM. Step-2 provides an exercise to find one’s own fundamental sound and a few initial sets of tonalities to individually evaluate. Based on Step-2 results, individuals receive specific directions, which of the comprehensive tonality groups offered or specific tonalities in Step-3 to focus on and to evaluate.  

At this time of the global pandemic, open Tonalibus mini-concert sessions continue albeit with very small attendances of friends. Going forward we plan such sessions on various days of the week.

The start of the current three-session Tonalibus exploration course had to be postponed by roughly a month due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Tonalibus general images collection

You find this collection of general Tonalibus photos and key images under About.

Via this December 2020 Tonalibus update I wish you happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! — Ulrico