Beyond duality

As follow-up addition to this, there is also a message on Dualism from September 11, 2021.

Beyond duality

With the flow of life and spirit, everything and everyone gets their share, as cycles come and go. We breath in and breath out. We give and receive. There are waves and circles. There is even and odd. As long as we are in the dual worlds, we deal with contrasts, with ups and downs, good and bad, in and out. But in consciousness, as soul, we can go beyond duality, beyond polarities, and beyond illusions.

What is going beyond duality?

Initially, going beyond is commonly still very dual in itself. This lasts as long as one remains caught in the polarity of being within duality or seeing oneself as beyond. Beyond as such is still well within duality, as one keeps distinguishing between within duality and supposedly beyond or outside.

Finally, when two or more sides merge and unite into one indivisible whole, there are no more dual distinctions and polarities dissolve. Then, it all just is, you are, and I am — we are! Henceforth, there are no more claims of having reached beyond. There are no fitting words. But there is action. This characterizes a viewpoint of soul, of objective consciousness, of divine love and acceptance.

How we can go beyond polarities and illusions

This is where it gets personal — very personal. After all, everyone follows their own individual path through life and beyond. The infamous only way is one’s own way, one’s own experience. This goes beyond words and the mind; it becomes a matter of action and of being.

There are many individually more or less helpful tools and teachings one can apply in the effort to unfold and advance beyond polarities and illusions. For me, Ulrico, sound has been and continues to be fundamental to my path through life and my unfoldment — sound, along with light, divine spirit and love, as well as inner and outer teachers and guides.

Sound can be used as mantra, possibly in conjunction with sacred syllables such as ॐ — Ōṁ / Aum or HU. Tonalibus promotes the use of tonality loops, like the tonality of the month (the first item on the homepage), individually selected tonality sound sample loops (from the catalogue of anchored tonalities), or an individual sound mantra as tool to help one go beyond limitations and duality, to strengthen one’s personal experience and individual connection with the divine spark in each of our hearts.

Everyone and all exists, you and I, in spiritual freedom and divine love, as soul in consciousness. Beyond duality!

IMG_3892 cx - Beyond duality
Never ending fascination with daybreak and sunrise — January 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland