It’s a miracle

It’s a miracle how it all adds up. After all, it appears that all the pieces fit together, beyond what we could ever plan or humanly envision. To discover this, however, one needs to let go of everything. That does not mean to get rid of things, not all of them at least. Practicing detachment allows the flow its freedom to be and flow as it does. And, at the same time, making a concentrated effort to go with it, to tune in, puts energy and focus into realizing the flow, the audible life current — with the fundamental attitude: “Thy will be done!”

Then dreams can come true, beyond ego or selfishness, for the good of the whole. Nature has its way — life and love. The back and forth of individuals, coming together and parting again, their exchange and communication perpetuates itself in the flow of nature, of karma, and ultimately in spiritual freedom.

Please, don’t try to tell me who we are. Let’s find out together in being and doing, living and loving, exploring the moment now!

It’s a miracle — the “Gateway to Haven and Hell”

Nepali and Tibetan cymbal pairs, gongs — December 31, 2020 — 6:39 soundscape — needs a sound system capable of low sounds.
Nepali and Tibetan cymbal pairs, gongs, 8-string guitar, vichitra veena, voice — December 31, 2020 — 6:44 soundscape — sound system capable of low sounds recommended
IMG_3085 cxv - consciousness - It's a miracle
Sun setting, going down to come up again another day — Eriz, Switzerland — June 2020