Little balloon

PentaProLa / PentaIon floating up a little balloon — multiple 8-string guitar and bass — January 2021 — 3:29 soundscape

Sooner or later, little balloon may pop

Or else, just lose air and shrivel away.

Thus, it will end its inflated life cycle.

Deflated, it has not much existence

Unless new or intact, ready to grow.

So, will it be filled with plain air

To be the weight of surroundings

Just slightly heavier by its own,

Or is there a lighter filler at hand

So it can rise and float up high?

Quite unusual is a heavier filler

Unless maybe water to play toss

As a little harmless splash bomb

Offering a rather short life span

To a little balloon used this way.

Thus it is with such balloons.

Most are destined to soar

Preferably up, by lift or toss

Eventually coming back down

Having served their purpose.

What did they find up there

Besides a message of joy

The breath of life and love

Spiritual freedom and truth

Divine spirit, soul, and God?

After all, what’s left deflated

Is just a heap of misery, if torn;

However, if intact, to be reused.

Breath in and float up ever again

For another day in life and love!

Tonalibus 2nd go 2020-11-20 - little balloon
New Tonalibus balloon to be further inflated and float up and soar — November 2020