January 2021 Tonalibus Update

Tonalibus, Spiritualibus, and Fidibus news —

Holidays and a new dimension of sound sample recordings —

No matter one’s culture or religion, many see Holidays, holy days, as an opportunity to give and receive. Tonalibus recently received a pair of high-quality (entry-level Neumann) microphones. This opened an all new dimension of recording possibilities and settings. Here are some first fruits of this:

“Louder Call for Peace” — Triple and quadruple fujara — January 2020 — 2:40 — (under Winter 2020/2021 available as loop)
“Remembering Boudhanath” — Double tenor recorder, singing saw, genuine Tibetan tingsha cymbals — January 2021 — 3:42 — (under Winter 2020/2021 available as loop)
“Gateway to Heaven and Hell” — Nepali and Tibetan cymbal pairs, gongs — December 31, 2020 — 6:39 soundscape — needs a sound system capable of low sounds. Available as loop and with further instruments under Winter 2020/2021

New format in the catalogue of anchored tonalities

All anchored tonalities in the Tonalibus catalogue now offer easy navigation options. Images of their harmonic properties and sound samples appear first. The laborious capture of their characteristics in words comes last. A growing number of sound sample loops are on a separate page associated with each tonality. Already last month we announced first such additions for ReachMix, BlueMix, and HexaBlue. Since then, a more extensive, multi-track addition came about for PenatProLa / PentaIon:

“Little Balloon” — PentaProLa / PentaIon — multiple 8-string guitar and bass — January 2021 — 3:29 — (available as loop under PentaProLa / PentaIon sound loops or Winter 2020/2021 — also, see associated Spiritualibus blog post “Little Balloon

Spiritualibus and Fidibus update

Consistent with our current times, there has been a flurry of new Spiritualibus blog posts. On the other hand, Fidibus shop activities appear at a minimum.

The Tonalibus course currently in progress with one individual triggered a new harmonic insight touched on in the blog post “Generational interplay of harmony” and anchors in the quint cycle.

The Tonalibus approach to creating individual sound mantras was further refined, including steps accessible on password-protected pages. The key to creating an individual sound mantra, finding one’s fundamental pitch and fitting tonalities, is that — as much as possible — one has to do it themselves. Musically, Tonalibus offers to facilitate and built upon an individual’s own findings.

Grächwil Feb. 2020 - January 2021 Tonalibus Update
Best wishes from the heart — at the forest’s edge, mountains greet — Grächwil, Switzerland — February 2020