For good and soul

Inside the box
Or outside of it
Bigger outside
Limited inside
But protected
Defined and set.

A master explorer
Or framed settler?

Balance is needed
Community agrees
With each other
On many things
And leaves room
To disagree some.

Thus we get along
May stay together
Or otherwise part
While the whole
Includes in and out
Cycles back and forth
Exploring and settling.

Both are appropriate
At the right time
And the best place
To root in for good
Or pull up to go on
Breathing in and out
As the body's settled
Until sooner or later
Soul will just move on
In love with all life.

“BlueMix Syntropy” — for good and soul

BlueMix — multiple 8-string guitar — January 2021 — 5:54 — (under Winter 2020/2021 available as loop)
IMG_3892 cx - for good and soul
Never ending fascination with daybreak and sunrise — January 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland