Possibilities of the impossible

Possibilities of the impossible — with words —

Harmony of dissonance — dissonance of harmony.

The good of the bad — the bad of the good.

The love of power — the power of love.

The inner of the outer — the outer of the inner.

Health of illness and disease — disease and illness of health.

An explorer among settlers — a settler among explorers.

The spirit of the physical — the physics of spirit.

The heavenly of the world — the worldly of heaven.

Beyond concepts and contents — concepts and contents of the beyond.

Unity in dichotomy and plurality — dichotomy and plurality in unity.

Detached from attachment — attached to detachment.

Freedom of limitations — limitations of freedom.

Accepting rejection — rejecting acceptance.

Life after death — death after life.

The oneness of duality — the duality of oneness.

Perfection in imperfection — imperfection in perfection.

Equilibrium while out of balance — out of balance in an equilibrium.

The possibility of realizing the impossible together as soul —
the impossibility of realizing the possible alone.

Spiritual freedom — free spirit and soul.

Love of the divine — the divinity of love.

Possibilities and impossibilities — with sound —

PentaMin / PentaEol — expanded sound sample — 8-string guitar — February 2021 — 2:15 loop

Possibilities of the impossible — with the light —

IMG_3085 cxv - Possibilities of the impossible
Sun setting, going down to come up again another day — Eriz, Switzerland — June 2020