It works and not

It works and it does not, all at once! So which is it, when it’s both, for and against? Well, how about being neither for nor against — neutral, detached, and free.

It’s necessary to pick a pitch to play. In music or anything whatsoever. Pick a color to paint, to make the first stroke. Take a stance in anything to work with it, whatever it is. Then every following move will be in relation to that first; and each next one to all previous ones. Still, every stroke or move also has the quality of being the first, the freedom to be itself. Or potentially the last one, the concluding point in a cycle of some sorts — big or small, it matters naught. More tuned in at some points, less at others. But always something. A pitch, color, stroke, move, or maybe even the absence of one. The absence of action may show as much or more at times, if placed carefully with patience and heart. Or it can also show a lack of heart; though there is some heart in everything, or it would not exist.

Which of the two are we focusing on?

It works and it does not. Which of the two are we focusing on? One way it will work, the other not. Because we make it so! Also this, however, is not absolute but relative. This follows the law of love and personal space in our dual world. Spiritual freedom allows each their space. As much as one can give others their space, as much one can relish his or her own space. The manifestation of love is in the overlap of space between beings. How much do we have in common? How much overlap do we share? And how much is kept separate?

Again, which of the two are we focusing on? One way can make it work, the other not. By itself it could go either way. Then we make it work — or not. It works and does not, all at the same time. We make it one or the other through our own doing, our attitudes, and our consciousness. Finally, one may just leave it for what it is, neither working, nor not. Being detached and giving each and all their space allows for humbly and effectively claiming and relishing one’s own as soul in spiritual freedom.

“Reach and Mix — Carried by the Wind”

Voice by Christina Braun — 8-string guitar by Ulrico — February 2021 — 6:30 — ReachMix
IMG_3194 v - It works and it does not
Bridge over the Areuse — Summer 2020