February 2021 Tonalibus Update

This February 2021 Tonalibus, Spiritualibus, and Fidibus update includes a brief purpose poem and references new sound samples below.

Recent weeks brought some challenges. For example, Tonalibus experienced and fended off many thousands of hacker attacks from all around the globe. Still, the refinement of this website continues steadily. Also, references to spiritual teachings have been removed based on a specific request.

A first person completed his personal tonalities’ evaluations and work on his fundamental pitch. Based on that, some improvisations came about for that person to listen to and use as he sees fit. This is the service the Fidibus shop offers as individual sound mantra. Besides a simple exercise to find one’s fundamental pitch, this includes a systematic, efficiently focused approach to determine what tonalities resonate most personally. This requires considerable effort by the individual. Then, in the end, we use the results of those efforts musically to create one or more improvisations in the individual’s harmonic context. The word mantra may well invoke a somewhat spiritual connotation. After all, Tonalibus considers harmony and sound as sacred qualities, akin to divine love.

My fundamental aim

My fundamental aim
Consistently was and is to be
Inclusive and not exclusive

Absolute dogma is contrary
To spiritual freedom
Unfoldment and love

To divine spirit and harmony
If ever a leader, then to that

Here and now present
Inner and outer, both
Shedding all holds for good

Grateful for the love
I wish us God speed!

New sound samples now on Tonalibus

Tonality samples

BlueMix Syntropy”— multiple 8-string guitar — January 2021 — 5:54 — also available as loop
MinReach with Guggisberg Melody” — calm sound sample expanded — double 8-string guitar, bass, and crotales — January 2021 — 9:24 — also available as loop
Dorian — expanded, meditative/contemplative sound sample — raised 8-string guitar — February 2021 — 2:34 — available also as loop
PentaMin / PentaEol — expanded sound sample — 8-string guitar — February 2021 — 2:15 — available also as loop

Cooperation samples

“Blue Wrap Rap” — voice by Christina Braun — bass by Ulrico — February 2021 — 2:50 — PentamMin / PentaEol
“Reach and Mix, Carried by the Wind” — voice by Christina Braun — 8-string guitar by Ulrico — February 2021 — 6:30 — ReachMix
“Stroll along Soul’s River Bank” — voice by Christina Braun — cymbals, bowls, crotales, and gongs by Ulrico — February 2021 — 8:53 — soundscape

An introspective sample

“Sooner Rather than Later” — double tenor recorder, Nepali and Tibetan (tingsha) cymbal pairs, and voice — January 2021 — 6:13 — soundscape — also available as loop
it's been a long way - February 2021 Tonalibus Update
It’s been a long haul! — Thank you for everything.