Being good

Being good

Being good starts with recognizing the good in one and all, and that any one is never the only good one. That much humility is required to be spiritually positive. This includes seeing the good in others as well as in oneself, to nurture the good in all. Only second, one needs to see also the negative, as objectively as possible, in order to survive and keep it at a safe distance, out of reach both ways.

As humans, we live in duality, if not plurality. But as soul, we are beyond all that. Creativity aims to open windows and doors, vistas beyond one’s divisive limitations and allows the unlimited, divine love to flow in. Images and music, light and sound can allow for that, when carefully tuned in, as can words at times.


Tonalibus is one of my, Ulrico’s, efforts to to grasp some of the good, the harmony around us and to make my findings available to others, for the possibility they may help someone in some way, as they help me. On this website there are some of my discoveries, as I go my way. You go your way. There is no one and only way. Your way is yours. My way is mine. Now, in this very moment that you read this, our ways cross each other. My aim is to make this uplifting and encouraging, to nurture the good in both of us. And I sincerely hope you too can see the good, not so much the bad in me.

We all have our shortcomings and are at times off target. Nobody is perfect as human being. As soul with love in the heart we can bridge the gap between what we see as good and bad, the illusions of the absurd, of being human. This is the miracle of divine love where beauty blossoms and joy fills the heart beyond the reach of challenges and attacks, which invariably come about and try to keep one down. This seems to be what we’re here to learn in life and love.

Working together

We exist through working together, not against each other. Life is not about survival of the fittest. It’s about survival by working together. One cannot be good and well when at the expense of others. We learn to somehow carry our own weight by working together, allowing others to do the same.

This is what I have to give right now. Please don’t condemn me for that. It’s all I have. I put my heart into this, my love, and my life. You may trample it with your feet or relish it for what it is. That’s your freedom, as it is mine to pass this on in an effort to work together and strengthen the good in all, in you and in me, in spiritual freedom.

ReachUpMix with the Four Corners of the Sound Temple”

8-string guitar and four gongs — February 2021 — 8:23 soundscape — contains low sounds
IMG_3935 xc - Being good
Never ending fascination with daybreak and sunrise — February 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland