March 2021 Tonalibus Update

This March 2021 Tonalibus, Spiritualibus, and Fidibus update presents an overview of new sound samples including some audio highlights. Then, along with quoting ancient Chinese wisdom, it refers to a clarification of Tonalibus purpose. Finally it presents some news on Fidibus shop offerings and two new photos. But to start, recent weeks brought a flurry of well over twenty new sound samples, including the integration of three further tonalities, as touched on below.

New sound samples (and tonalities)

First of all, a few new sound sample highlights

“Flowing Upward” — 8-string guitar — 13:24 soundscape — modulation path: PentaMin/PentaEol, Phrygian, ReachMin (alternate possibility: PhrygReach), ReachBal, MajReach (alternate possibility: ReachMaj), Ionian, and a touch of PentaProLa/PentaIon
“Over- and Under-Tone Presents” — triple fujara and tenor recorder — 2:31
“ReachUpMix with the Four Corners of the Sound Temple” — 8-string guitar and four gongs — 8:23 — contains low sounds

The new, growing Spring 2021 collection includes so far

  • “Flowing Upward” — calm, uplifting modulation path — 13:24 — 8-string guitar — audio above
  • “A Touch of Grace” — 3:52 — fretted vichitra veena
  • “Plain Guggis Chirping” — 3:02 — 7-sting guitar with elongated bridge
  • “Over- and Under-Tone Presents” — 2:31 — triple fujara and tenor recorder — audio above
  • “First Baby Angel Steps” — 1:40 — double-strung harp

The Winter 2020-2021 collection concluded with

  • “Ionian Prayer in Gratitude for the Golden Heart” — 4:44 — 8-string guitar
  • “ReachUpMix with the Four Corners of the Sound Temple” — 8:23 — 8-string guitar and four gongs — audio above

New Cooperation 2021 sound sample

  • “Waves Concluding a Sound Temple Visit” — 1:52 — breathing voice waves by Christina Braun — 8-string guitar, crotales, and a touch of large gong by Ulrico

New tonality-specific sound samples and three additional tonalities

Three additional Reach heptatonalities found their way into the Tonalibus catalogue as sufficiently harmonious, though somewhat challenging to use. This brought about the subdivision between fully and partially anchored Reach tonalities. The distinguishing characteristic of the new additions is the shifted up Reach step in their lower tetrachord along with the lowered initial step (minor second).

  • LoReachUp, LoReachUpMin, and LoReachUpMix — two scale and two short sound samples for each of these newly integrated, partially anchored Reach heptatonalities
  • PentaMin / PentaEol — 1:02 — additional short sound sample, calm with one blue touch
  • Phrygian — 2:36 and 3:50 — two additional sound samples, rhythmic and calm
  • PentaProLa / PentaIon — 0:58 and 1:17 — two additional short sound samples, rhythmic and calm
IMG_3961 xc compd - March 2021 Tonalibus Update
Winter birch welcoming and leaning into the winds announcing the coming of spring — March 2021 — Grächwil / Meikirch

Tonalibus purpose clarification

“A being receives true value by the fact that it is able to shine in its own light as a result of its contact with the depths of the fundamental essence of existence. … Genuine light does not first need the recognition of people, indeed it is almost ashamed of its radiance.”
— from the introduction of the
Tao Te Ching 道德经 by Lao Tzu (1972 Diederichs edition, p. 20)

The purpose of Tonalibus is expressed on the Start page. Now this has been expanded with a link to a clarification of purpose. Thus, this clarification expresses that I, Ulrico, really do not want to pursue any egocentric goals. But, with Tonalibus, I simply hope and aim to provide a useful reference of tonalities and to potentially inspire and motivate you to look at and work in your own individual ways with sound and harmony, anchored in spiritual freedom.

Fidibus shop news

At this time, the offerings of the Fidibus shop have been scaled back. Thus, open mini-concert sessions are offered sporadically for specific dates, no longer on a regular basis. Further, the offers of individual sound mantra attunements and Tonalibus exploration courses are on hold for now. Besides some personal considerations, the main reason for this is to free energy and time for ongoing Tonalibus research efforts. Therefore, the Fidibus Shop currently has two offers:

The CD “A Symphony of Life and Love” — However, CD orders are processed through an independent distributor and all proceeds go to a Swiss non-profit organization.

Private or personal as well as occasionally some open mini-concert sessions

IMG_3935 xc - March 2021 Tonalibus Update
Never ending fascination with daybreak and sunrise — February 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland