Spiritual Freedom

Something was so beneficial
and all of a sudden it is no more
turned sour, depressing, nightmare
it's high time to let it go, take leave
if it is a food, don't eat it any more
if a person, reduce or cut the contact
if a religion, take a healthy distance
there is no need to condemn it at all
life always coaches one first hand
answers are formed by questions
whenever allowed to arise freely
recognize prejudice and attitude
entropy or syntropy give a choice
progression goes froward in spirit
regression back to what has passed
spontaneity in the present moment
while ossification brings rigid dogma
such contrasting divisions of duality
unification is indeed found as soul
in divine consciousness and love
a middle path of healthy balance
detached, neither for nor against
live and let live, in the love of God
working together with all that is
let be, or rather not, what is not
that's part of spiritual freedom.

“Happy Sadness or Sad Happiness?” — a contemplative prayer

Aeolian — 8-string guitar and double voice — 3:04 — contains low sounds — also available as loop on a separate tab

“All things under the sun come about through being. Being comes about through not being.”
— from verse 40 of the
Tao Te Ching 道德经 by Lao Tzu (1972 Diederichs edition, p. 83)

Spiritual Freedom
Returning tulips celebrating spring — March 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland