Go on, gone, or goon?

Go on, gone, or goon? Which is it?

The first, go on, is the obvious choice. But how much is it the second, gone, or even the third, goon? When going on, moving on, one leaves much behind. Letting go, detachment, is a key to divine love. It proves its essence. Thus, going on is in the present; gone is in the past. Hanging on to things, one way or another, likely leads to appearing as goon sooner or later to some extent.

Progressive versus regressive is a definite focus, most days. But then, there is the heart, the core. It goes beyond pro and con, or reg as the latter is also called with its backward hold.

For a solid foundation, good anchorage ideally has both, a determined view ahead as well as a sharp but forgiving one back. Then, one can realize a healthy balance. One may call this a fundamental law of harmony that applies across the board, in music and in life.

To keep it simple, it is best to focus on what is, and go on from here now. What has past is gone for good. And getting lost in what may or may not ever be, can make one more or less a goon. So let’s go on, embrace the mantra of life, love, sound, and light! Heaven is here now, in this very moment.

Go on, gone, or goon?
Pear tree flower buds with melting snow, ready to open — April 2021 — Grächwil