Just Be – No More

No More Nor Less

Just be, no more nor less
All life aimed for more
Until, at last, here now
All that was, and will be
Finally just be so free
Relish the very moment
Blossoming the present
Space to think and feel
Remember and dream
Most of all experience
Indisputable and real
Flow of life and love
Dissolve rigid dogma
Flush out what holds
Dare to let go, detach
The notion of freedom
What can, and can not
Be just, not less or more.

“Just Be, No More” — an unintended short PentaCor pūjā

PentaCor — 8-string guitar, fujara, crotales, and gongs — April 2021 — 1:20 loop — contains low sounds
Just Be – No More
Full moon in the company of clouds — April 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland