One’s own way

One’s own way

Yes, I am going my way! 
Are you going your way? 
Unless you are, indeed 
You're not going your way. 
Can anyone ever go 
Someone else's way 
Beyond being inspired 
To get moving along? 
Traveling together works 
As long as we are clear 
That sooner or later 
Our paths will part. 
Thus, let's celebrate 
While we are together 
The light and sound
 In the love of life. 
Thank you for being 
While we were and are 
And will be, also not 
In the freedom of now. 
Love is what carries all 
Everyone and everything 
The only way is under our feet 
Yours, mine, and everyone's. 
We rally around ideas shared 
Visions can unify and divide 
Until conscious beyond duality 
Now all is one, and one is all. 
Teachings and teachers 
Fulfill their very purpose 
When, finally, at long last 
One stands on one's own feet. 
Am I going my own way 
When I am who I am? 
I am going my own way 
When I am home as soul. 
Because, as well as in spite of all 
Oneself, teachers, and teachings 
In the end it all comes together 
Otherwise it is not yet the end. 
In the miracle of life and love 
Each ending is a new beginning 
Each new start follows conclusions 
As every moment God realizes itself.

“Journey Around the Sun” — a circular Core modulation

8-string guitar — 7:08 — April 2021 — PentaCor, ReachUpMix, Dorian, ReachUpMix, PentaCor — as loop on a separate tab

“What is half will become whole.
What is crooked will become straight.
What is empty will become full.
What is old will become new.”

— from verse 22 of the Tao Te Ching 道德经 by Lao Tzu (1972 Diederichs edition, p. 62)

One's own way
Another spring awoke and blossomed — May 2021 — Chanhassen, Minnesota