Allergic freedom

Allergic freedom

A good friend of mine
Once upon God’s time
I knew better than most
Developed a sixth sense.
You might call it an allergy
To absolutes and exclusivity
And to make one look good
At the expense of others.

He thought it a quality
And offered it as service
To strengthen and to purify
What he held sacred and dear
Specifically the holy scriptures
Of his chosen spiritual path
He so fully made his own
As he applied this trait.

But he was condemned
His service not welcome
In this most essential form
His dedication put in question
And his stature torn apart.

Deprived, rather freed
Of a crutch used so long
Forced to stand on his own
In the end it held its promise
Leading to spiritual freedom
As he rooted deep and firm
In divine light and sound
The very love of God.

Allergic freedom — Which way is up? And which way is down?

Allergic freedom Q
Does this mountain brook flow from the right to the left, or, the other way around, from the left to the right?

“Here is the cutting to the chase: There is a point at which your spiritual practice and your spiritual lexicon, your language for it, your concepts about what spirituality is, your accumulated experience of spiritual activity, just simply falls away. It becomes indistinguishable from living life. There is no difference between inner life and outer life, ideally.”
— from Not on the Radio with
W. A. Mathieu, November 12, 2018

Allergic freedom A
Glacial melting water flowing down from the Blüemlisalp through the Chiene, Kiental, May 2021