One to the next

One thing leads to the next.

Let go and open the door
For the old to go out a way
And the new to come on in.

There may be a moment
When the old has gone
And the new’s not yet in
A rest point in eternity
To relish all in silence.

Maybe there is no need
For something new at all
After the old was let go
And freedom took over
Live the present moment
As it is — was — and will be
Without old, without new
Just here and now, as it is
Navigating the flow of life
And love does carry it all
No thought nor image
But reality all by itself
Divine inside and out.

Infinite cannot be counted
Stop measuring and enjoy
It is what it is and you are
I am that I am, have been
And continue to be, soul
No more and also no less
Welcome the celebration!

LydDorian / ClusterPro — short sound sample, calm — 8-string guitar — May 2021 — 63 seconds

Good one to the next

“Goodness is … not merely a norm, but something alive: It is a gesture of relationship. The good, when it is transformed and comes alive, is love.
For the mystical experience, therefore, being embedded in an encompassing spirit, the ‘great life’, is not being bound by law — the principle of the good — but being embraced by a loving being. … Under cold law, the good is ‘the right thing’: We may follow it and obey it; we may recognize it or even manipulate it. But to a being in whom the good is the relational gesture of love, we are able to surrender in the heart. In this, spirit and human face … each other in a friendly and loving way.”
Kontexte des Segens,
I Ging: Das Buch der Wandlungen, Thomas Primas, vom “grossen Leben” und seinem Sinn

One to the next
The morning sun lights up the Blüemlisalp, May 2021 — photo by Karin Gsöllpointner