Essential ideal

An ideal is essential
To pursue and manifest
As possible here and now.
However let’s not forget
It’s an ideal, that it is.

Human reality differs:
Shortcomings, stumbles
They are an integral part
Inextricable from being
Here in this outer world
Of duality and matter
Positive and negative
And all the contrasts
Helping and enabling
One to be motivated
To reach beyond it all.

Exemplified by an ideal
Manifested in the flow
Humans may master
Also teach their way
That they found to be
A working one and only
They practice and pursue
As ideal in the flow
Of life and love
Divine as can be
But still human too
Aiming for the ideal
The very love of God.

LydDorian / ClusterPro — short sound sample, rhythmic — 8-string guitar — May 2021 — 49 seconds loop

An essential ideal — is it idiopathic?

Essential: 1) absolutely necessary; extremely important. 2) in medicine: with no known external stimulus or cause; idiopathic: relating to or denoting a disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown. — Q1

Ideal: a person or thing regarded as perfect; a standard or principle to be aimed at. — Q2

An ideal is a principle or value that an entity actively pursues as a goal and holds above other concerns perceived as being less meaningful. — Q3

— Q1 and Q2 from Google word definitions, Q3 from Wikipedia,

Essential ideal
Luna and Moon, the essential ideal two cats of Tonalibus — June 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland