Room free of time

A room that is free of time —
He just removed all the clocks.
So what can be the point of this
When next door watches tick?

Still, that room remains beyond
Outside of measuring any time
Here the infinite is undivided
While all life flows in cycles
Day and night, sun and moon
Moments, eternities all whole.

Humans synchronizing time
A metronome’s fixed rhythm
As life flows flexible and free
Reality establishes the pace.
References are no essence
Merely tools for one to use
Then to pass on and let go.

Thus the room’s free of time.
Check next door as needed
To exist within and without.
One single step, all at once.

Prophecy found in a room free of time

From a living spiritual master who did not want to be named on this website:

“The real joy of living is in being courageous enough, for instance, to go out on the street…”

“If you are inspired with an inner knowingness that what you are doing is right, you just carry on and do it.”

And about the distinction between the material life and the spiritual, he pointed out that divine spirit, “as you go further, … actually weaves the two together so smoothly that there is no difference. It is all the spiritual life.”

Room free of time
Celebrating the conclusion of the planting season — June 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland