An anchor-point

It all starts with an anchor-point
From there, others can be found
First next ones, some neighbors
Then, expand further out and out
Into the constellations one by one
Recognizing one after the other
On the vast curved firmament
Free of continual straight lines
But proportions and patterns
To be discovered as realities
The view of a simple human
Truth of the given moment
This helps one’s orientation
For more of these will come
To quickly identify the stars
In the vastness of the skies
Sparkling brilliantly at night
As clouds allow one to see
Likely recognize ever more
One by one leading further
In harmony – like in music
Tonalities that open doors
Bridges from here to now
All ways anew renewing
This flow of life and love
Or be left behind a while
If ossifying before dying
Best remain supple fluid
In a golden heart of love.

TetraNa — tonality of the month of September 2021 — short sound sample, rhythmic — 1:44

Another anchor-point

“In spite of living in this suffering world I continue to believe that nothing can stain the purity of each existence. That is my understanding… that, in an absolute sense, no one can harm your life.”

Embracing Mind, The Zen talks of Kobun Chino Otogawa, p. 8

An anchor-point
Manifested anchor-point — home-grown spirals of Romanesco — August 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland