September 2021 Tonalibus update

This September 2021 Tonalibus update presents a new personal sound sample and a few select short sound samples of tonalities that are in the process of appearing in the Tonalibus catalogue. This massive expansion of the tonalities catalogue has been explained in the last Tonalibus update. The current update gives more details, also about tonality name adjustments and components. Finally, in closing, it touches on choice and trust.

A new personal sound sample

“Na track” — Na(tural harmonics) in action — for M.

TetraNa with a touch of Mixolydian — double 8-string guitar, gong, singing saw — August 2021 — 10:31

A few selected new tonality sound samples

These tonalities are part of the ones currently in the process of being added to the catalogue.

HexaLocorMin — short sound sample, rhythmic — 8-string guitar — August 2021 — 2:27
LydAeolian / HeptaNa — short sound sample, calm — 8-string guitar — August 2021 — 2:18
HexaBluMaj — short sound sample, rhythmic — 8-string guitar — August 2021 — 1:12
NaUploReach — short sound sample, calm — 8-string guitar — August 2021 — 2:55

Tonalities catalogue expansion

As explained in the recent August update, a massive expansion of the Tonalibus catalogue is currently under way. Seventeen additional tonalities are in the process of appearing in the catalogue of anchored tonalities. They are all present and integrated in overview and detail tables and in all structures. However individual detail information still awaits completion to some extent. This brought the total number of distinct tonalities in the catalogue to seventy. Plus this week, already two more distinct tonalities began emerging!

Specifically, the tonalities being added now include two clustered and seven Reach heptatonalities. Plus there are five hexatonalities, two pentatonalities, and one exceptional tetratonality. They are the following: PhrygIonian / NaBal, LydAeolian / HeptaNa; LoloReachMaj, ReachNaMin, ReachNaBal, ReachNaMix, ReachNaMaj, LydReach / NaReach, NaUploReach; HexaPhrygLa, HexaBluMaj, HexaNa, HexaLocorMin, HexaLocorReach; PentaNaMix, PentaNaMaj; and TetraNa.

Tonality name adjustments and components

To more directly reflect their structure and pattern, several hexatonalities have received a new name, and some pentatonalities an additional name. These names consistently use key syllables that stand for specific pitch relationships. Such syllables may refer to the entirety of a given tonality. Or they first reflect the lower and second the upper tetrachord. The Tonalibus glossary already defines a few such syllables, e.g., Reach (augmented second), Cor(e), Pro(gressive), Reg(ressive), and Na(tural harmonics). Others are quite self-explanatory, e.g., Hepta, Hexa, Penta, and Tetra. Or Maj(or), Mix(olyd), and Min(or), as well as Phryg and other abbreviations of diatonic tonality names like Eol, Dor, Mixolyd, Ion, and Lyd. More definition is to come into the glossary for these and further such syllables, e.g., Bal, Up and Lo including Locor, Lolo, and Uplo, or Blu and La.

In some cases also the absence of such a key syllable can have significance. E.g., La is used to indicate the presence in the upper tetrachord of the major sixth, called La in the solfège system. This pitch is also the La(st) one of the twelve-tone system to appear in the harmonic or overtone series. The absence of the syllable La in corresponding hexa- or pentatonality names indicates that the minor seventh is present instead of the major sixth, that La as pitch is absent.

A possible choice

Yes, it works! Thank God and spirit. The expansion of consciousness continues moment to moment. Every system though brings an element of closure in itself. Thus, definition and organization give structure that may be more or less flexible and corresponding with reality and the flow of spirit. This will determine sustainability, survival or demise. This gives a choice. Close up or remain open!

Trusting is really, really hard

“Trusting your own self, as well as giving full trust to others, is really, really hard.”

“To forget oneself is, with knowledge, to give up your human way of perceiving things, and give more room to see what is actually happening to your own self and to all other existence. When you forget your small self the whole universe appears.”

“In this busy, heated, fast society we often feel helpless in our effort to trust people and situations. We need to remember our trust doesn’t depend on outside circumctances. Over and over again we encourage ourselves to fully trust others and feel satisfied instead of worrying about some kind of return from the other end. This has something to do with determination that no matter what the others’ condition is, you decide to continue to trust. Looking closely, we understand that there is a deep satisfaction in trusting others. Perhaps this involves ignorance, so-called ‘blind trust’ given toward others. It goes only one way.”

Embracing Mind, The Zen talks of Kobun Chino Otogawa, pp. 28-30

Fare well!

September 2021 Tonalibus update
Illumination before sunrise over a horizon of Alpine mountains — September 2021 — Grächwil, Switzerland