What is your focus?

What is your focus?
The hair or the soup
Some throw it all out
When noticing one float
Discard the entire bowl
Instead of fishing it out
And relishing the meal
No matter how much
Fishing’s frowned upon
Causing repercussions
In this imperfect world
That’s making it perfect
With challenges offered
Experiences and lessons
Building up the courage
To fish out whatever hairs
Are floating in your soup
And savor a delicious meal
With all its good nutrients
Given freely in the present
Accepting all with gratitude
The ever abundant miracle
Of life, of love, and the light
Plus especially the sound
At times shining brilliantly
Then again – likely fading
Before blossoming anew
The rhythm of breathing
A sweet melody of spirit
Eternal harmony of soul.

What is your focus? – “As God Realizes the Moment”

8-string guitar, multiple fujara, tenor recorder, and voice — May 2020 — 2:26 — also available as loop on a new tab

A toddler’s creative hiding place

What is your focus?
Playing hide and seek with a two to three year old: Just cover your eyes! — October 2021