So much stuff

So much stuff
That lasts or not
Comes and goes
From merchandise
To heaps of trash
Better think twice
And do consider
What it can do
In the long run
There’s a future
Of all the things
To flow and serve
Sustain a purpose
Or just fade away
From the new to old
More or less durable
Benefits that last
Or just wash away
With limited aims
A moment or two
Hopeful for more
Look and weigh
What may come
Recycle or reuse
Maybe for burning
In harmony and love.

So much stuff — “Call to Peace”

Triple fujara and tenor recorder — September 2020 — 3:03 — available also as loop on a new tab

You may enjoy a sound sample loop, as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation, for upliftment, focusing, or simply for relaxation and regeneration as soothing background sound.

So much stuff
Big water droplets gathered on the moon roof of a car — October 2021 — Waconia, Minnesota