No cutting corners

No cutting corners is not easy
But most fulfilling every way
As it takes the extra effort
To finally be done for good
Not to confuse with perfect
Rather the best possible here
In decent balance and harmony
With the flow of life and in love
Active as can be in manifesting
One’s own individual realities
Formed cooperating together
With each other, and with all
The essence of consciousness
Expressed in present moments
The divine so practical and real
Some have tried to give it a name
Tathāgata, Mahanta consciousness
Thus trying to scoop entire oceans
With their little cups and spoons
Calling their sip the one and only
Then displays blinding arrogance
While others remain loving silent
Giving each their space to drink
From their cups of revelations
Accepting the miracle of now
No cutting corners draws lines
Between what is real and not
To relish and love each other
An embrace of spirit’s grace
Accepted in humble gratitude
For the gifts of golden hearts.

“Prayer in Gratitude for the Golden Heart”

Ionian — 8-string guitar — February 2021 — 4:44 — also as loop on a separate tab
No cutting corners
Backyard view form a meditation gazebo on a high point — October 2021 — Chanhassen, Minnesota