Tonality of the month: LoloReachMaj

The November 2021 tonality of the month is LoloReachMaj, a Reach heptatonality.

1) LoloReachMaj — rhythmic sound sample — 3:15 loop — plays until stopped or you go to another page on this tab.
2) LoloReachMaj — calm sound sample — 8-string guitar — August 2021 — 3:26 loop

The tonality of the month of November 2021 is LoloReachMaj, a fully anchored Reach (or harmonic) heptatonality. Also known as Ionian #2 of the Neapolitan scales, it actually is Ionian with the raised major second. Belonging to the subgroup of Lolo Reach tonalities, it is their first present in the Tonalibus catalogue. Further in this subgroup are LoloReachMin, LoloReach, and LoloReachMix. These very recently qualified as coming additions to the catalogue, along with the closely related tonalities HexaBluNa and PentaBluNa.

You may enjoy a sound sample loop, such as the one of the tonality of the month, as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation, for upliftment, focusing, or simply for relaxation and regeneration as soothing background sound. Further, you could hum or chant along, for example using Ōṁ / Aum ॐ, HU, or another mantra syllable that suits you, and tune yourself to the fundamental.

Tonality of the month: LoloReachMaj
Color explosion of a hydrangea in late fall — October 2021 – Grächwil, Switzerland — photo by Karin Gsöllpointner