In the embrace of love

In the embrace of love
A quiet space of silence
Not so much doing now
But mainly being here
All inclusive we can live
One experience at a time
From early dawn to dusk
Everything is in between
One day was the very first
That’s what we usually note
Each day brings some news
Firsts in its unique own way
And another day will come
Or not — if it was the last
This we might note later
More likely than before
We have gone beyond
Leave all ways behind
Where we once were
Then letting it all go
To be without doing
In spiritual freedom
While doing all good
Earning the hard way
Still the easiest possible
Is quite difficult enough
As much as any one can
Thus letting it all just be
In the embrace of love.

One more tonality to come: LoReachUpMaj

Closely related to LoReachUpMaj: HexaCorMaj — rhythmic sound sample — 8-sting guitar — March 2021 — 1:59

From Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Skywoman story, shared by the original peoples throughout the Great Lakes, is a constant star in the constellation of teachings we call the Original Instructions. These are not ‘instructions’ like commandments, though, or rules; rather, they are like a compass: they provide an orientation but not a map. The work of living is creating that map for yourself. How to follow the Original Instructions will be different for each of us and different for every era.” — p. 7

“In Native ways of knowing, human people are often referred to as ‘the younger brothers of Creation.’ We say that humans have the least experience with how to live and thus most to learn — we must look to our teachers among the other species for guidance. Their wisdom is apparent in the way they live. They teach us by example. They’ve been on earth far longer than we have been, and have had time to figure things out. … We need to learn to listen.” — pp. 9 and 10

In the embrace of love and sound

In the Embrace of Love
A very young player on the 8-string guitar — October 2021 — Chanhassen, MN