December 2021 Tonalibus update

This December 2021 Tonalibus update extends an invitation to an upcoming concert in Basel on February 10. Further, it announces the Fidibus shop release of playlists for free continual listening. And it touches on the completion of the catalogue of tonalities and the expansion of the glossary. Finally, an inspiring quote concludes this Tonalibus update.

Invitation to a cooperation concert in Basel, Switzerland

Troubadour Marcel Haag
and Ulrico of Tonalibus


Kiental Ulrico

Thursday, February 10, 2022, 19:30~21:30
QuBa Quartierzentrum Bachletten
Bachlettenstrasse 12, Basel

(More info and program highlights forthcoming in January.)

Fidibus shop news: Free playlists

December 2021 Tonalibus update

Tonalibus playlists offer easy and free continual listening and downloading of individual pieces. Tune in and enjoy!

The playlists offered at this time in the Fidibus shop are:

  1. High mountains on fire, light, and soundplaylist Tonalibus D — so far: five new pieces, 33 minutes — a work in progress, accumulating like snow on the mountains
  2. Riding the wave’s crestplaylist Tonalibus C — ten pieces, mid 2021, 67 minutes
  3. Relishing the presentplaylist Tonalibus B — nine pieces, early 2021, 45 minutes
  4. Creative joy of a new lifeplaylist Tonalibus A — twelve pieces, 2020, 39 minutes

Tonalibus news: Catalogue completion

December 2021 Tonalibus update

The Tonalibus catalogue of anchored tonalities, after all, appears reasonably complete with its eighty entries. A recent concluding addition was the TetraNa progression. Besides the previously announced tonality TetraNa, this progression presents the three TetraNa inversions: Norcor, Locor, and Upcor.

“Inversion progression, from here to there and back” — 8-string guitar, bass, Tibetan (tingsha) cymbal pair —
TetraNa inversion Norcor, progression to Dorian via PentaMinLa / Pentabal and back — 7:26 — as loop on a separate tab — TetraNa progression visuals and plain sound samples you find on the page TetraNa progression

Harmony is when opposites meet and circles close in unity — while remaining open-ended. The TetraNa progression exemplifies this quite visibly in its relative simplicity.

TetraNa, as tetratonality, spans only four notes, the fundamental and initial three overtones of the harmonic series. This progression rounds off the Tonalibus catalogue of tonalities, after growing to a considerable number of entries. It unifies the overtone foundation with pattern progression, full and partial, progressive and regressive, as well as anchored and to some extent also not anchored.

Harmony in its widest sense includes and remains open to everything and all. This progression stands for how the Tonalibus catalogue is to remain open-ended after reaching some level of completeness of something that in its entirety will always escape complete human grasp, will always be greater and go further — harmony, here in its expression as myriad of anchored tonalities.

Tonalibus news: Glossary expansion

December 2021 Tonalibus update

The glossary defines basic and unique terms and names used by Tonalibus. It is the first option under Concepts in the top menu or on the Concepts page. Now it includes also the various key syllables used by Tonalibus in tonality names. Thus, a tonality name can express the inherent structure of the corresponding tonality.

The terms in the glossary are ordered alphabetically. However, this order differs from one language to another. This website automatically pulls up the version corresponding to the language of your system or your geographic location, e.g., with the links mentioned above. With the following links though you may see the different language specific glossary versions. The glossary in English translates to German, French, and Italian but keeps the alphabetic order of the terms in English. While the versions of the glossary in German, in French, and in Italian remain in the given language and list the terms in proper alphabetic order accordingly.

Spiritualibus quote

“The essential nature of words is, therefore, neither exhausted by their present meaning, nor is their importance confined to their usefulness as transmitters of thoughts and ideas; but they express, at the time, qualities which are not translatable into concepts. This is like a melody which, though it may be associated with a deep meaning, cannot be described by words or by any other medium of expression. It is that irrational quality which stirs up our deepest feelings, elevates our innermost being, and makes it vibrate with those with whom we are closely related in love and work.”

“All that is visible clings to the invisible, the audible to the inaudible, the tangible to the intangible, and, of course, the thinkable to the unthinkable.”

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Books One & Two, Paul Twitchell, pp. 414-415

Happy holidays and the best 2022!

The miracle of the present moment — December 2021 — near Grächwil / Meikirch, Switzerland