Tonality of the month: Aeolian (natural minor)

The January 2022 tonality of the month is Aeolian (natural minor), a diatonic heptatonality.

1) Aeolian — very calm sound sample — Dec. 2021 — 3:30 loop — plays until stopped or you go to another page on this tab
2) Aeolian — calm sound sample — December 2021 — 2:28 loop
3) Aeolian — rhythmic sound sample — December 2021 — 2:44 loop
4) Aeolian — short rhythmic sound sample — June 2020 — 0:40 loop

The tonality of the month of January 2022 is Aeolian (natural minor), a regular diatonic heptatonality that is fully anchored. The octave of the diatonic tonality matrix includes five whole steps and two half steps (or semitones). And either two or three consecutive whole steps, a pair and a trio, alternate in separating the two individual half steps from each other.

You may enjoy a sound sample loop, such as the one of the tonality of the month, as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation, for upliftment, focusing, or simply for relaxation and regeneration as soothing background sound. Further, you could hum or chant along, for example using Ōṁ / Aum ॐ, HU, or another mantra syllable that suits you, and tune yourself to the fundamental.

Tonality of the month: Aeolian (natural minor)
The miracle of the present moment — December 2021 — near Grächwil / Meikirch, Switzerland