Mighty old oak

Mighty old oak, so beautiful and strong,
Beyond this very age you reach and stretch
Branches to the sky and roots in olden depths.

Majestic you stand  your ground so tall
On the very top of this sweet, rolling hill.
Forests and fields grew all around
Like a roaring ocean’s ebb and tide.

Many a deer became your friend
And yes, some people loved you too,
But now at last you may get cut
In spite along with your very hill and all.

Thus I came by with a heavy heart
My hand reached out to touch your bark
And you opened up your heart and spoke
Swept me off my feet and flew
Through a vortex of a gate we spun
And the world fell far away.

“It’s all right the way it is!”
Thundered your might voice
With profound acceptance of it all
Boundless appreciation and deepest love
For all life and everything and all.

“Maybe it’s my time to go, it matters not
I’ve been here for quite a while
I won’t mind somewhere else to go —
And when we’re ready it will be
Definitely a good step after all.
So, why worry? — Let it be!”

“At times you may feel squeezed,
Sometimes crowded, then alone —
Go with the flow, ride the ebb and tide
And all is right, the very best
In everything and all there is
This moment, sweet and sound
We call eternity and love!”

So the tree spoke with silence
Like thunder shaking up my Earth
Then gently put me back again
Down on my little human feet.

“Christina’s Theme” — cooperation of sound and light

Theme and voice by Christina Braun — 6-string guitar by Ulrico — December 2021 — 5:57 — more cooperation sounds

About stories and truth

And I asked him if it was true.
“True?” he snapped. “What do you mean by by ‘true’? You want to know if it happened, word for word, exactly as I told it? Makes no difference. You may as well ask me if it’s a good story, because a good story is true, whether it happened or not. And a bad story — even if it happened — is a lie.”
“The question,” he added with a grin, “is not whether the story is true, but whether it has truth inside it… And that is a mystery only time can solve.” — p. 9

As Mark Twain said: “Truth is stranger than fiction… Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” — p. 10

“But telling stories is not about the words you say. When you have a story inside you, and an open heart, you become a conduit — the story flows through you. As for the words — ” he waved a hand dismissively, “they’re merely commentary.” — pp. 93-94

From The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness by Joel ben Izzy

Happy 2022! — Mighty old oak, Luna, and Moon

Mighty old oak
Mighty old oak