Things come together

Things come together
From present pivots
On and on they move
The very moment now.

A new balance ever
Stepping forward ahead
One way or another
All ways right now.

At uncertain times
It seems backward
When actually it is
Consistently what is
No matter what ever.

It comes, it goes
The river flows
The wind blows
We dream a dream
Gently whispering
Yes, I love you!

“無為 Wu wei — contemplation”

Meditative sound sample — multiple fujara (bass) — February 2022 — 3:35 — as loop on a separate tab

Good things come together

Can a good thing perpetuate itself and stay a good thing? Ideally it be propelled by its goodness to know where to go and connect. But it has to go out there to meet and bring itself to others, so one may come its way. Thus make it available, bring it out to be seen and heard. Maybe there will be some who look and listen. Maybe a few will relish it as a good thing, the best for one of so many who are far better. And that is a good thing that stays a good thing.

Miracle sunrise over the Alps

Things come together
Original, unaltered colors of an approaching sunrise — February 2022 — Grächwil, Switzerland