Decide for yourself

Decide for yourself
It is your own reality
Your most sacred space
What you live and love.

Then you meet others
Deciding for themselves
It is their very own reality
Their most sacred space
That they live and love.

At times to some extent
Realities will coincide
As far as actually real
However illusions clash
With others and oneself
While we live and love.

Love triggers what one loves
Reality is we’re here together
In this life this very moment
To share the reality of now
Where all realities blend
And illusions fall apart
As we live and love.

That’s all here and now
Let’s live and love for real.

Happy birthday, Robin Hood! — for K.

Ionian / diatonic major (with a touch Mixolydian) — 8-string guitar — March 2022 — 4:53 — as loop on a separate tab

Illusion or reality — life and love decide

A beautiful mother highland cattle cow apparently decided that I came too close to her calf by talking to it and to her. Thus, she decided to come charging at me full speed. Too late to back off, I stood firm, extended my arms to look bigger, and yelled at her. That stopped her onrush of lowered impressive horns — only a few feet in front of me. For a very tense moment of standoff that seemed forever, we both remained frozen stiff, too close for comfort. Then we took a breath and most slowly just backed away from each other, as she went to check on and comfort her calf (see photo below).

Decide for yourself
Highland cattle cow protecting her calf — February 2022 — Ghieiba, Lavizzara, Ticino — photo by Karin Gsöllpointner