Tonality of the month: ReachMin

The April 2022 tonality of the month is ReachMin / Phrygian dominant, a Reach / harmonic tonality.

1) ReachMin — short sound sample, calm — 8-string guitar — spring 2020 — 0:45
2) ReachMin — calm sound sample — 8-string guitar — March 2022 — 2:49
3) ReachMin — rhythmic sound sample — 8-string guitar — March 2022 — 3:23

The tonality of the month of April 2022 is ReachMin or Phrygian dominant. As fully anchored Reach or harmonic heptatonality, it combines a PhrygAeolian upper with a regular Reach lower tetrachord. That is the interval of an augmented second from its minor second to its major third. Thus, ReachMin juxtaposes strong but well rounded anchored contrasts. Among its notes, the major third is the most contrasting. The enriching, uplifting, and assertive quality of this pitch arises from being one of the first harmonics of the tonic.

You may enjoy a sound sample or tonality loop as sound mantra for contemplation or meditation. This can help with upliftment, purification, and focusing. Or it could simply be used as soothing background sound for relaxation and regeneration. If you care to hum, chant, or sing along, you could do so using a spiritually charged syllable like HU or Ōṁ / Aum ॐ, or another mantra syllable that suits you.

Tonality of the month: ReachMin
Attractive cool waters before dusk — March 2022 — view from Erlach harbor, lake Biel/Bienne