Yes, I am that I am

Yes, I am that I am
What I always wanted
But compromised so
Until left the cocoon
And stepped outside
The confines of home
Out into the wide world
To realities of being now
Not as they wanted to be
But as they are right here
Yes, they are what they are
No matter the point of view
There is that core of real
To be experienced true
Beyond right and wrong
Good or bad, up or down
For it always is that it is
Divine love some call it
Spirit, light and sound
Free flowing through
Claimed all too often
By drives for stature
And therefore limited
Instead of allowed to be
Simply what it is for real
Without interpretation
No coloring nor twists
Just finally at long last
Yes, be! Thus we are.

“Bagisacro blues” — let’s dance!

PentaMin / PentaEol — bass, singing saw, 8-string guitar and crotales — 6:23 — as loop on a separate tab

Rain and time — drops and moments

“There is no substitute for standing in the rain to waken every sense — senses that are muted within four walls, where my attention would be on me instead of all that is more than me. Inside looking out, I could not bear the loneliness of being dry in a wet world.”

“When you have all the time in the world, you can spend it, not on going somewhere, but on being where you are.”

“There is no such thing as random. Everything is steeped in meaning, colored by relationships, one thing with another.”

“Maybe there is no such thing as rain; there are only raindrops, each with its own story.”

“Maybe there is no such thing as time; there are only moments, each with its own story.”

Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer, pp. 295-300

Yes, I am that I am — swan and soul

Yes, I am that I am
The swan who came to greet some receptive souls — March 2022 — Hünibach, Switzerland