April 2022 Tonalibus update

This April 2022 Tonalibus update begins with a thought on (im)perfection. Then it announces the May 1 global release of a new Tonalibus single entitled “Humpbacks breach the surface”. Further, it highlights the completion of playlist Tonalibus E and the recent living room concert in Liebefeld. Finally, this update concludes with the announcement of the blog post comment option and an inspiring quote on harmony.

(Im)Perfection — or what matters

“Abandon the idea of being good and just try!” — Charlie Mackesy

It’s not perfection or the lack thereof that counts, but what flows through, what one brings along and passes on. No expression is perfect as such. Though some are closer than others. What matters are the images coming through. That a story comes alive. That one may realize aspects of harmony, how ever flawed their expressions may be. This is what matters. Ever, there is ample need to improve and strive for more clarity in expression. After all, consciousness and life move forward continually. And every one’s invited to come along. Many fight it. Others crawl along on their bellies through the dust. While some enjoy riding the crest of the wave or flying above.

Upcoming single — Humpbacks breach the surface

April 2022 Tonalibus update

On May 1, 2022 this piece will become available as new Tonalibus single by Ulrico (artist) on global music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

“Humpbacks breach the surface” — a dreamscape (below) was conceived as an antidote to the global churn of these days.

TetraNa w/ Norcor inversion, Dorian, PentaMin / PentaEol — 8-string guitar and bass — 9:30 — as loop on a separate tab

April 2022 Tonalibus playlist and album update

April 2022 Tonalibus update

Soon, a new playlist Tonalibus F will start to come about. By now, with 12 pieces and 72 minutes of music, Tonalibus E appears complete after only a few months. It is to be a part of the upcoming double album release Tonalibus D & E in early summer. This includes among other new pieces recorded in Spring 2022 also the piano piece “Wake and ready for a new day” and “Slackline dance” — straight ahead (below).

“Slackline dance” — ReachMin — 8-string guitar, bass, and tanpura — 5:37 — as loop on a separate tab

April 2 living room concert in Bern Liebefeld

Three musicians each presented their talents and contributions to a most receptive audience of almost thirty: Daniela Künzli with gentle protest songs from around the world. Lukas Frutiger with free improvisations including cover songs. Ulrico with anchored harmony in sound, blues, meditation, heart and soul, including “Slackline dance” (above) and “Guggisbärg” (live video excerpt below).

Short 1½ minute video excerpt from “Guggisbärg” at the April 2 living room concert in Bern Liebefeld

Spiritualibus blog and post comments

The Spiritualibus blog has been revised to allow for you to leave comments in response to new blog posts (below each, also below this one). Thus, please feel free to use this new capability. I’d love to hear from you. Some of the comments will become visible to all.

“A shelf of certainty” — April Tonalibus update conclusion

On harmonic purity, the experience of harmony, of tuning into harmonics or primary overtones:

“… it is ultimately a state of resonance — a kind of shelf of certainty — more than it is a sharpening or flattening of pitch that you will come to recognize as the experience of being in tune. It is more a sympathy than a measurement of distance, a quality rather than a quantity. … Blend into the ‘fundamental sound’ almost to the point of disappearing entirely, with no worries about coming back.”

Harmonic Experience, W. A. Mathieu, pp. 28-29

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